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Drug abuse: Busting myths about addiction

Published On: 01-25-2016 in Category: addiction, drug abuse, Drug Addiction, Drugs

drug abuse busting myths about addiction

The entire United States of America has been struggling with the problem of drug addiction. According to a report published by Policy.mic in 2014, marijuana is the most commonly cited drug, followed by stimulants, among primary drug treatment admissions in Kansas City, Missouri.

Moreover, Kansas City is a transshipment point for drugs being transported to the eastern U.S. via Interstates 35 and 70 from the southwest border and West Coast cities. Despite rampant and unbridled substance abuse in the country, certain myths surrounding addiction are preventing the government from waging an effective war on drugs.

Myths and facts

It is necessary to understand the reasons behind drug abuse and how they affect addicts. For an effective treatment and prevention of relapse, it is imperative that we shatter the myths and develop efficient treatment methods.

Myth 1: The success in ridding oneself of addiction can be achieved just through willpower.

Fact 1: Long-term drug use affects the functioning of the brain. Quitting drugs cold turkey in a bid to kick addiction causes problems, as continuing withdrawal symptoms trigger a longing for the substance or alcohol.

Myth 2: Addiction is an untreatable disease and no medication can help.

Fact 2: It is a proven fact that addiction is a disease of the brain. However, long-term effect on the brain can be treated with certified medical help, patience and support from family.

Myth 3: There is no scope of treatment unless the addicts reach the lowest possible position.

Fact 3: The treatment is more effective if initiated early. Delay in treatment due to the belief that medication must be made available only when addiction is strong only makes it a tough recovery process.

Myth 4: Addicts cannot be forced into treatment. Their decision to avail of medical help must be voluntary.

Fact 4: The treatment need not be voluntary to be successful. Even the most defiant of the addicts are willing to change once they realize that psychotropic drugs are creating problems in their lives.

Myth 5: Relapse is inevitable. Hence, there is no point of undergoing treatment.

Fact 5: Relapse is a part of the withdrawal process of de-addiction. This does not imply that complete sobriety is impossible and that de-addiction is ineffective. Relapse is a phase that points to the need of adopting a different treatment approach.

Myth 6: Addiction treatment can be completed in a few weeks if one is motivated.

Fact 6: For residential and outpatient drug-free programs, experts recommend 90 days for effective treatment. For an effective short-term inpatient program, experts suggest a minimum of 21 days. Regular follow-up, supervision and support are essential to maintain the effect of treatment.

The myths surrounding drug addiction are likely to prevent people from taking the treatment at various rehabilitation programs. It is necessary to understand that choosing the right kind of program on the basis of the nature of addiction is the first step toward a life of sobriety and good health.

Road to recovery

If any misconceptions or myths associated with drug addiction have prevented you or your loved one from taking the treatment for de-addiction, now is the time to act. You may chat with an expert at Kansas City Drug Treatment Rehab Center online, or call at the 24/7 helpline number 816-399-2323.

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