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Kansas City man caught throwing cocaine out of his car window

Published On: 11-04-2016 in Category: addiction, cocaine, drug abuse, drug trafficking


Addiction to drugs not only makes a person desperate but can lead to incarceration, just as Galen Potts from Kansas City discovered the hard way. In early September, this year, Potts, 38, found himself in jail after he was caught red-handed while throwing cocaine out of his car window. In a desperate attempt to rid himself off cocaine, which he was carrying illegally, he threw the contents out, just when he was about to be pulled over at a traffic stop on the US-75 highway.

The incident happened about a half-mile north of the Shawnee-Jackson County line. Jackson County Sheriff Tim Morse classified the items as illegal drug contraband. Potts has been charged with possession of cocaine, hallucinogens and drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, interference with a law enforcement officer, driving without insurance and with a revoked license, illegal vehicle registration and transporting an open container.

Fighting drug menace

The perils of drug abuse are manifold and complex. It not only ravages a person’s body but damages vital organs leading to several illnesses and can also result in death. Addiction is the result of multiple factors such as the individual’s family history, genetic predisposition and the choice of drugs.

Numerous federal and state laws, across the United States, have been passed in an effort to curb drug trafficking. Experts believe that the existing problem is compounded by the fact that many youths find drug peddling an easy way to get rich quick, irrespective of the risks involved. The U.S. Government is trying to combat the rising drug addiction in the country by spreading awareness about the dangers of drug abuse. However, drug peddling and possession will continue unless the people also take action to end the menace.

Not only this, the ongoing battle against drugs and substance abuse is taking a heavy toll on the taxpayer. Apart from various initiatives, President Obama’s government in its 2017 budget called for the largest investment so far in treating and preventing substance abuse disorders, to the tune of $31 billion. The federal government has allocated more than $1,100 per affected person to curb the life-threatening habit of the country’s 27 million illicit-drug users

However, to minimize drug-related crimes across the U.S. states, stringent laws need to be adopted, and strictly implemented, including those dealing with illegal possession of addictive substances. Though the number of drug busts has gone up and investigations leading to arrest of drug traffickers have become more intense, authorities need to find innovative ways to handle the issue.

Leading a drug-free life

An individual is not born with the intention to abuse drugs, but once he gets addicted, his ability to display self-control is severely impaired as he becomes increasingly dependent on the drug and slowly destroys his or her life. For a long time now, the U.S. government has been spending large sums of money on campaigns against contraband drugs, in an effort to make people aware of its dangers.

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