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Kansas City video screens to educate students about ill effects of addiction

Published On: 03-25-2016 in Category: addiction


Films, an important medium of communication, can be used effectively to spread awareness and educate people about issues concerning the health of the people. Looking at the enormity of the addiction problem, authorities are taking the help of different communication media to combat the issue.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States is in the throes of an unprecedented drug overdose epidemic. Drug overdose death rates have increased five-fold since 1980.

Citing the problem of addiction, local and national law enforcement officials screened movie Chasing the Dragon in Kansas City in February 2016 as part of an education campaign on the “epidemic” of opiate and prescription drug abuse.

Film on addiction

The campaign aims to address the growing risk of drug abuse and addiction to high school students. To educate the school students, about 10,000 copies of the video will be distributed across the country. Kansas City area school districts and education officials will receive copies during a country-wide launch in April.

The film showcases experiences of both younger and older drug abusers with oxycodone.  The video shows  interviews with addicts, describing how they were introduced to such pills and gradually what made them addicts.

Generally, people have the notion that prescription drugs are less harmful than other opioids as they are prescribed by doctors. Since they provide the desired high and relieve pain, they are perceived as easily available pills to curb immediate craving. But abusing prescription drugs is as illegal as other illicit drugs.

Concerns over rising epidemic

The increasing incidences of addiction to prescription medication or illegal street-drug among youth and teens made the authorities take this step.  FBI public affairs advisor Michael Kulstad told the Kansas City Star,  “We can’t arrest our way out of this problem. No one is immune to this.”

In 2015, approximately 46,000 drug overdoses tracing to heroin and prescription drug abuses were reported. Officials hope that the film will educate students and young adults about the tragic consequences of substance abuse and that people will think twice before taking to drugs.

Citing Sgt. Chris Cesena with the Kansas City Police Department’s drug enforcement unit, the report in the Kansas City Star said that in Kansas City, 33 heroin overdose deaths were reported in 2015, compared to 25 in 2014.

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