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  • 7, including jail inmates and guards, arrested for drug smuggling in lockup

    Published On: 10-07-2016 in Category: drug abuse, drug trafficking

    Smuggling of illegal drugs is rampant in America’s prisons. Drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and hydrocodone find an easy way into jails due to various reasons, ranging from inmate ingenuity, corrupt staff to suspicious visitors. A year-long investigation, which began in 2015 to check the entry of contraband drugs into the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), […]

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  • Proponents of marijuana decriminalization in Kansas City submit signatures

    Published On: 08-29-2016 in Category: Marijuana

    As part of their ongoing drive to get marijuana decriminalization on the November ballot in Kansas City, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws’ Kansas City branch (NORML KC) completed its final step of submitting the signatures it had been gathering since June 2016. The last call for petitions was carried out at […]

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  • Sobriety checkpoints lead to DUI arrests in Kansas City

    Published On: 06-30-2016 in Category: addiction

    Considering the high number of fatal traffic crashes and injuries on the Noland Road (State Route V) stretch, between U.S. Highway 40 and U.S. Highway 350 and the peripheral areas, the Sheriff’s Traffic Safety Unit and other deputies conducted an overnight sobriety checkpoint at Noland Road (State Route V), E 75th Street, in Kansas City, […]

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  • Kansas City man gets 15 years in prison for drug trafficking

    Published On: 06-08-2016 in Category: cocaine, drug trafficking

    A federal court sentenced a man from Kansas City, Missouri recently for a conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine and for illegal possession of firearms. According to the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, Tammy Dickinson, the 60-year-old convict, Marcus McIntosh, was sentenced by District Judge Stephen R. Bough to 15 years in federal […]

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  • Kansas City postal worker held for illegally distributing PCP through mail

    Published On: 05-02-2016 in Category: phencyclidine

    Two persons, including a Kansas City postal carrier, were arrested recently for illegally distributing phencyclidine (PCP), a hallucinogenic drug, through mail. Carol Barfield (64), a Kansas City postal carrier, and Michael Garrett (56) of Victorville, California, were charged with plotting the illegal distribution of PCP after they were produced in the court. According to the […]

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  • Prevalence of heroin and violence rising in Kansas City, warns DEA

    Published On: 04-14-2016 in Category: heroin, opioid, prescription opiates

    Kansas City is suffering from the growing heroin abuse problem that is also making residents more violent. According to the local unit of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the city witnessed a 20 percent rise in heroin usage in 2015 as compared to the previous year which dramatically increased violence rate among the abusers. However, experts […]

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  • Kansas City video screens to educate students about ill effects of addiction

    Published On: 03-25-2016 in Category: addiction

    Films, an important medium of communication, can be used effectively to spread awareness and educate people about issues concerning the health of the people. Looking at the enormity of the addiction problem, authorities are taking the help of different communication media to combat the issue. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), […]

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  • Kansas activist faces charges for using marijuana to treat her illness

    Published On: 03-09-2016 in Category: drug abuse, Drug Addiction, Marijuana

    Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the United States. It is obtained from cannabis sativa or hemp plant. Considering its analgesic property, 23 U.S. states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana use in some form. Though various bills have been introduced in the Kansas Legislature in the past five years to legalize marijuana […]

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  • Kansas City: 11 indicted in $1.2 million oxycodone distribution racket

    Published On: 02-16-2016 in Category: drug abuse, Drug Addiction

    The entire United States is battling the menace of prescription drug abuse and authorities have been taking strict action against those violating laws meant to prevent its misuse. Setting a precedent, 11 people were charged in federal court in Kansas City recently with a $1.2 million conspiracy to distribute oxycodone obtained through “forged and fraudulent […]

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  • Faking dystonia to support unusual addiction

    Published On: 02-01-2016 in Category: addiction, drug abuse, Recovery, Treatment

    Doctor shopping is the practice of visiting doctor’s offices or emergency departments in various locations and complaining of false symptoms in order to obtain drugs. The offenders are quite knowledgeable and know exactly what symptoms to fake to receive a particular drug. Doctors are well aware of the practice of doctor shopping and must be […]

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