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  • Drug abuse: Busting myths about addiction

    Published On: 01-25-2016 in Category: addiction, drug abuse, Drug Addiction, Drugs

    The entire United States of America has been struggling with the problem of drug addiction. According to a report published by Policy.mic in 2014, marijuana is the most commonly cited drug, followed by stimulants, among primary drug treatment admissions in Kansas City, Missouri. Moreover, Kansas City is a transshipment point for drugs being transported to […]

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  • Kansas City takes to heroin ‘pill’

    Published On: 01-13-2016 in Category: addiction, drug abuse, heroin

    Detecting heroin is getting difficult for the law enforcement agencies in Kansas City as many drug dealers are selling it in the form of pills, according to a kmbz.com report. Admitting that the pills were easier to hide from the law, Robert Busch at Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America told KMBZ, “As quick as we […]

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  • Do generic drugs live up to expectations?

    Published On: 12-10-2015 in Category: addiction, Drugs, Medication, Treatment

    Most people are familiar with the term generic drug. It is meant to be an inexpensive version of its brand-name counterpart, identical in composition and effectiveness. Its lower price makes it a popular choice for many people.

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  • Newborn drug withdrawal on the rise

    Published On: 10-13-2015 in Category: addiction, Children, Withdrawal, Women


    Most women are very careful during pregnancy to avoid using any substance that may adversely affect their growing babies. Physicians advise drugs, alcohol and tobacco be avoided; obstetricians may also advise against eating certain foods. Any medication taken during pregnancy should only be used when recommended or prescribed by a doctor. According to Health Day […]

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  • Stroke brain damage key to addiction recovery?

    Published On: 09-10-2015 in Category: addiction, Cognition, Drug Addiction, Recovery


    According to Medical News Today, an intriguing side effect of stroke has caused a study to be carried out which may help people free themselves from addictions. Patients who were smokers and suffered a stroke in the insular cortex region of the brain were significantly more successful than others in quitting smoking following their stroke. […]

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  • Decriminalization not legalization of drugs

    Published On: 08-27-2015 in Category: Drug Addiction

    decriminalization not legalization kansas city

    Illegal drugs are a major problem in the United States. Addiction not only negatively affects the body, but also triggers crime, violence and the spread of HIV. Infants are exposed to drugs when pregnant women use them, accidents happen when people drive and operate heavy machinery under the influence – these are just a few […]

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  • The effects of drug addiction on family and other relationships

    Published On: 07-16-2015 in Category: addiction

    effects drug addiction family relationships

    When a person has an addiction, it usually becomes the top priority in his or her life. This causes family members to drift apart, as well as causing other close relationships to unravel. Most of the time, the person with the addiction is unaware of the harmful effects it is causing for his or her […]

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