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  • Kansas City woman pleads guilty to selling heroin that led to overdose

    By: Admin On: 06-05-2018 Category: Drug Addiction, heroin Comment: 0

    Kansas City woman pleads guilty to selling heroin that led to overdose

    A woman of Kansas City who was arrested in 2016 has pleaded guilty to selling heroin that led to her customer’s near-fatal drug overdose. According to U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister, Loretta Gilliard, 34, will serve seven years in prison as part of a plea deal. Gilliard was arrested after a customer overdosed on heroin in […]

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  • Kansas activist faces charges for using marijuana to treat her illness

    By: Admin On: 03-09-2016 Category: drug abuse, Drug Addiction, Marijuana Comment: 0

    Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the United States. It is obtained from cannabis sativa or hemp plant. Considering its analgesic property, 23 U.S. states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana use in some form. Though various bills have been introduced in the Kansas Legislature in the past five years to legalize marijuana […]

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  • Kansas City: 11 indicted in $1.2 million oxycodone distribution racket

    By: Admin On: 02-16-2016 Category: drug abuse, Drug Addiction Comment: 0

    The entire United States is battling the menace of prescription drug abuse and authorities have been taking strict action against those violating laws meant to prevent its misuse. Setting a precedent, 11 people were charged in federal court in Kansas City recently with a $1.2 million conspiracy to distribute oxycodone obtained through “forged and fraudulent […]

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  • Drug abuse: Busting myths about addiction

    By: Admin On: 01-25-2016 Category: addiction, drug abuse, Drug Addiction, Drugs Comment: 0

    The entire United States of America has been struggling with the problem of drug addiction. According to a report published by Policy.mic in 2014, marijuana is the most commonly cited drug, followed by stimulants, among primary drug treatment admissions in Kansas City, Missouri. Moreover, Kansas City is a transshipment point for drugs being transported to […]

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  • Stroke brain damage key to addiction recovery?

    By: Staff Writer On: 09-10-2015 Category: addiction, Cognition, Drug Addiction, Recovery Comment: 0


    According to Medical News Today, an intriguing side effect of stroke has caused a study to be carried out which may help people free themselves from addictions. Patients who were smokers and suffered a stroke in the insular cortex region of the brain were significantly more successful than others in quitting smoking following their stroke. […]

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  • Decriminalization not legalization of drugs

    By: Staff Writer On: 08-27-2015 Category: Drug Addiction Comment: 0

    decriminalization not legalization kansas city

    Illegal drugs are a major problem in the United States. Addiction not only negatively affects the body, but also triggers crime, violence and the spread of HIV. Infants are exposed to drugs when pregnant women use them, accidents happen when people drive and operate heavy machinery under the influence – these are just a few […]

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