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President Obama reduces sentences of two Kansas City area men

Published On: 12-26-2016 in Category: Crack cocaine, drug trafficking, Drug-trafficking crime


Strategically located at the intersection of the I-29, I-35 and I-70, some of the busiest highways in America, Kansas City area is a significant transshipment hub for the narcotics trafficking industry. Crack cocaine is the most abused drug in the inner zones of Kansas City, whereas, methamphetamine is widely popular in the outer zones. Though all American states have laws that punish drug trafficking activities, the state drug trafficking laws differ drastically.

In October this year, two men from Kansas City were granted reduced federal prison sentences by the outgoing President Obama. Lincoln Cardell Henderson, 39, of Kansas City, State of Missouri, who was serving a life sentence since August 2004 on charges of distributing, and for being in possession of more than 50 grams of crack cocaine, with the intent to distribute, was now entitled to a commuted sentence of 20 years.

Another inmate, Leroy Fondren Jr., 55, of Kansas City, who was sentenced in March 2007 to 15 years for possessing more than 50 grams of crack cocaine with intent to distribute and using a firearm during a drug-trafficking crime, was also given a commuted sentence and will now serve another five years of supervised release. The two men were among the 102 fortunate in the country to have been granted commuted sentences by the president.

Interestingly, it was for the first time that a total of 590 commutations were granted in a year, in the history of America. However, Obama is known to have commuted 774 sentences, earlier, during a two-term presidency.

Drug menace in the Kansas City metropolitan area

Situated between the states of Missouri and Kansas, the Kansas City metropolitan area  excellent transportation infrastructure and connectivity that ensures an uninterrupted flow of illicit drug consignments and proceeds between most of the crucial markets in the city.

African-Americans are the major players in the distribution of crack cocaine. They mostly procure powder cocaine for conversion from Mexican and other midlevel and wholesale Latino drug dealers operating in the northeast section of Kansas City, MO, and from different locations in Kansas City.

Unfortunately, drug-related violent crime has become an inseparable part of the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, with rival African-American and Hispanic street gangs being the primary perpetrators. While most of the gangs operating in these areas claim affiliation to “Bloods” or “Crips,” there has been a significant rise in the number of Hispanic street gangs claiming their affiliation to the national-level-gangs such as Sureños and F-13.

Kicking the menace of addiction

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