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  • Kansas City woman pleads guilty to selling heroin that led to overdose

    By: Admin On: 06-05-2018 Category: Drug Addiction, heroin Comment: 0

    Kansas City woman pleads guilty to selling heroin that led to overdose

    A woman of Kansas City who was arrested in 2016 has pleaded guilty to selling heroin that led to her customer’s near-fatal drug overdose. According to U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister, Loretta Gilliard, 34, will serve seven years in prison as part of a plea deal. Gilliard was arrested after a customer overdosed on heroin in […]

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  • Man arrested in Kansas City for carrying heroin in women’s shoes

    By: Admin On: 03-10-2017 Category: drug bust, drug trafficking, heroin Comment: 0

    Illegal drugs comprise a huge global market attracting a wide range of criminal organizations engaged in the cultivation, manufacture, distribution or sales of illicit substances. In countries such as the United States, where a strong emphasis is laid on tightening the law to curb illegal drug trade, still, many drug cartels manage to get drugs […]

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  • Kansas City couple and 16 others arrested in heroin ring bust

    By: Admin On: 01-24-2017 Category: drug bust, drug trafficking, heroin, Marijuana, methamphetamine Comment: 0

    The unique geographic location of Kansas City, near center of the United States, makes it a significant transshipment hub for illegal drugs and drug proceeds to and from the major drug markets in the West, Midwest and the East. Recently, in mid-December 2016, a U.S. District Court in Kansas City charged 18 people of conspiring […]

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  • Carfentanil is on its way to Kansas City

    By: Admin On: 11-25-2016 Category: addiction, drug abuse, heroin Comment: 0

    Carfentanil is the most potent commercial opioid in the world, as per the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The deadly drug which has been responsible for a spate of overdoses in Ohio recently is now heading toward Kansas City, said the DEA. Lately, Ohio has witnessed a surge in the number of overdose-related emergency room […]

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  • Prevalence of heroin and violence rising in Kansas City, warns DEA

    By: Admin On: 04-14-2016 Category: heroin, opioid, prescription opiates Comment: 0

    Kansas City is suffering from the growing heroin abuse problem that is also making residents more violent. According to the local unit of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the city witnessed a 20 percent rise in heroin usage in 2015 as compared to the previous year which dramatically increased violence rate among the abusers. However, experts […]

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  • Kansas City takes to heroin ‘pill’

    By: Admin On: 01-13-2016 Category: addiction, drug abuse, heroin Comment: 0

    Detecting heroin is getting difficult for the law enforcement agencies in Kansas City as many drug dealers are selling it in the form of pills, according to a kmbz.com report. Admitting that the pills were easier to hide from the law, Robert Busch at Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America told KMBZ, “As quick as we […]

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