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Kansas City couple and 16 others arrested in heroin ring bust

Published On: 01-24-2017 in Category: drug bust, drug trafficking, heroin, Marijuana, methamphetamine

The unique geographic location of Kansas City, near center of the United States, makes it a significant transshipment hub for illegal drugs and drug proceeds to and from the major drug markets in the West, Midwest and the East.

Recently, in mid-December 2016, a U.S. District Court in Kansas City charged 18 people of conspiring to distribute heroin and methamphetamine, apart from engaging in money laundering activities. According to the authorities, an elderly couple, Dennis McLallen, 64, and Pamela Gaddy-McLallen, 62, collaborated with two Mexican nationals and other conspirators to distribute about 30 pounds of heroin and huge amounts of methamphetamine in the Kansas City area.

As per the records, the drug ring has been operational since 2011, with the recent seizure of a 7-pound consignment of heroin, to be dispatched to one of the 18 conspirators in the Kansas City, by the law enforcement authorities in Phoenix. The investigation began in October 2015, when officers received a tip off from anonymous sources that the McLallen couple were allegedly procuring heroin from drug cartels in Mexico. Meanwhile, a considerable amount of drug proceeds was reportedly associated with the couple’s bank accounts amounting to nearly $200,000. In addition to the large amounts of drugs and firearms seized during the course of the investigation, an amount of nearly $850,000 is expected to be seized, as the proceeds from the drug distribution.

Rising heroin menace in Kansas City area

Studies show that certain drugs are highly prevalent in certain areas. In recent years, cocaine has become a huge menace among the African-American communities living around the inner city, whereas, methamphetamine remained a burning issue among the affluent white suburbs. However, nowadays, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Kansas City is witnessing a spike in heroin addiction, which may lead to more cases of violence across the city.

Experts attribute the dramatic surge in heroin-related violence to the widespread abuse of prescription opioids. Over a period of time, people who are addicted to prescription painkillers, such as OxyContin or Oxycodone, are compelled to switch to heroin as an alternative.

African Americans are the major distributors of crack cocaine. They generally obtain powder cocaine for conversion from Mexican and other midlevel and wholesale Hispanic drug smugglers operating in different areas of Missouri and Kansas City.

Sadly, drug-related violence and crime are set to become an inevitable facet of the entire Kansas City metropolitan area with warring African American and Hispanic street gangs being the primary perpetrators, owing to their quest for the lion’s share of drug proceeds.

Battling the menace of addiction

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