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Man arrested in Kansas City for carrying heroin in women’s shoes

Published On: 03-10-2017 in Category: drug bust, drug trafficking, heroin

Illegal drugs comprise a huge global market attracting a wide range of criminal organizations engaged in the cultivation, manufacture, distribution or sales of illicit substances. In countries such as the United States, where a strong emphasis is laid on tightening the law to curb illegal drug trade, still, many drug cartels manage to get drugs into the country.

Recently, a man was arrested by the Kansas City police department on the suspicion of smuggling heroin inside a pair of women’s shoes. Carlos Encarancion, 20, was spotted outside the Greyhound bus station in Kansas City, where a search operation led to the discovery of more than 1000 grams of heroin from a pair of women’s wedge sandals hidden inside a duffel bag that he was carrying, according to court documents, filed in U.S. District Court in Kansas City. Encarancion has been charged with the possession of heroin and with the intent to distribute by federal prosecutors in Kansas City.

Rising heroin menace in Kansas City metropolitan area

Situated between the states of Missouri and Kansas, the Kansas City metropolitan area comprises Platte, Clay, Cass and Jackson Counties in Missouri and Wyandotte and Johnson Counties in Kansas, and has population of almost 1.6 million people. Strategically situated at the meeting point of the I-29, I-35, and I-70, which are the busiest highways in America, this metropolitan area is a major transshipment center for the drug trafficking industry in the country. The state-of-the-art transportation infrastructure and connectivity ensure an undisturbed influx of illegal drug consignments and proceeds between key markets in the West (Texas, Colorado, California, Arizona), the Midwest (Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri), and the East (New York, Michigan, Illinois).

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the recent spike in heroin addiction in Kansas City might lead to an escalation in cases of violence across the city. Precisely, people addicted to opioids, such as OxyContin or oxycodone, are compelled to turn to heroin as an alternative, due to several factors such as low cost, no need for a valid medical prescription and easy availability.

Sadly, drug-fueled violent crime is set to become an inextricable facet of the Kansas City metropolitan area, with rival African American and Hispanic street gangs being the primary perpetrators claiming for the lion’s share of the revenue. In such a crime-ridden atmosphere, periodic clashes arising out of personal animosities and ongoing rivalries have led to inevitable assaults and deaths.

The U.S. Administration has come up with adequate laws to control drug trafficking activities in the country, however, when it comes to their implementation in various American states, they may differ drastically.

Leading a drug-free life is possible

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