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St Louis man to take his fight to legalize cannabis to Missouri Supreme Court

Published On: 11-10-2017 in Category: Marijuana

St Louis man to take his fight to legalize cannabis to Missouri Supreme Court

A 54-year-old St. Louis man is set to take his battle to legalize marijuana to the Supreme Court of Missouri around mid-November 2017. Mark Shanklin claimed that the 2014 “right-to-farm” amendment to the Missouri Constitution permitted him to engage in marijuana cultivation in his Carondelet neighborhood home.

In October 2016, St. Louis Circuit Judge Robert Dierker had sentenced Shanklin to 120 days of “shock time” and five years of probation after he was found guilty of marijuana distribution and illegal use of drug paraphernalia.

Shanklin was arrested in 2016 when authorities discovered over 300 marijuana plants in his home. Though Shanklin admitted to growing marijuana, he cited that the “right-to-farm” amendment gave him the right to grow marijuana on his property. However, the St. Louis Circuit Judge rejected his claims by stating that marijuana was not a common crop grown in Missouri, and the words “agriculture” and “farming” mentioned in the amendment don’t refer to the cultivation of weed.

However, Shanklin firmly believes that the right-to-farm amendment was drafted to let farmers grow the most beneficial crops. “Under the Right to Farm amendment to the Missouri State Constitution, Mr. Shanklin has the right to grow marijuana because it is a substance that can convey significant benefits,” Shanklin’s attorney Anthony Muhlenkamp said.

Now, Shanklin is set to challenge his earlier conviction in the Supreme Court of Missouri. Speaking about the possibility of winning the case, he said, “I’m just a regular guy with a chance to change the world.”

If he loses the appeal, Shanklin would have to serve a jail time of four months and a probation period of five years. That doesn’t worry him at all. He seems to be concerned about the fact that the ones who need marijuana the most in the state, don’t have access to it.

Marijuana is harmful

Being a long-acting drug, marijuana is known to stay in the system for a longer duration leaving the individual even more vulnerable to numerous health hazards. Research shows that use of marijuana over a period of time can interfere significantly with short-term memory and concentration abilities. So, irrespective of the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in several states, the general public should be educated about the health hazards associated with both short-term as well as long-term use of marijuana.

Complete legalization of marijuana is on the agenda of several states, but unfortunately, advocates for legalization hardly speak of the risk associated with the addictive drug. The fact remains that the marijuana has failed the test to prove the presence of any medicinal value by the standards of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Fighting addiction can be a challenging task. The secret to addiction treatment lies in educating people about it.

Combating addiction to marijuana

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