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  • Faking dystonia to support unusual addiction

    By: Admin On: 02-01-2016 Category: addiction, drug abuse, Recovery, Treatment Comment: 0

    Doctor shopping is the practice of visiting doctor’s offices or emergency departments in various locations and complaining of false symptoms in order to obtain drugs. The offenders are quite knowledgeable and know exactly what symptoms to fake to receive a particular drug. Doctors are well aware of the practice of doctor shopping and must be […]

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  • Stroke brain damage key to addiction recovery?

    By: Staff Writer On: 09-10-2015 Category: addiction, Cognition, Drug Addiction, Recovery Comment: 0


    According to Medical News Today, an intriguing side effect of stroke has caused a study to be carried out which may help people free themselves from addictions. Patients who were smokers and suffered a stroke in the insular cortex region of the brain were significantly more successful than others in quitting smoking following their stroke. […]

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